A wonderful week in Nursery


We have focused this week on our investigating, observing and exploring skills and have discovered that Nursery children are scientists, engineers, botanists, artists, and team leaders!

Our exploring in the outdoor area led to the discovery of beautiful caterpillars just resting on leaves. We had already observed our own caterpillars grow and change into painted lady butterflies and watched in amazement as they flew away once we released them in the garden.

investigating gave lots of opportunities for writing and recording experiments and for trying out skills in a different area of the class. We counted and measured and arranged objects in length order. Practising and using our skills independently. A wonderful week of learning Nursery!

A Glorious Week in Year 2


This week we took advantage of the wonderful weather and did lots of work outside.  We studied the Insects down the wiggly path, and painted pictures of the plants and creatures we found.

We really enjoyed sewing our beautiful altar cover, ready for the Corpus Christi procession next week.  Some excellent sewing  and a very patient Mrs B has resulted in a wonderful, colourful cloth. It looks spectacular and I am sure the sequins and beads will really catch the sunlight.

In our Maths this week we continued to learn about multiplying and dividing.  Some of us were able to solve some division problems with remainders.

We revised some letter joins in handwriting this week and practised writing perfect numerals too.

We reviewed our “Hand Network” this week and we are confident about knowing who to talk to if we need support. We thought about friendship; what it means to be a friend and how important our friends are.

Mrs S was missed this week as she was on the residential trip with Year 5 and 6.  We missed you Mrs S and can’t wait to see you on Monday!


Year 4


What a fantastic week in Year 4!
We have looked at persuasive writing in the form of adverts. We decided which features make a good advert and what would want to make us buy the product. We then designed our own amazing product and created a poster to advertise it. I would definitely like to buy all of them!
In maths we have looked at area and perimeter and created our own ‘Dream Playground’ by working out which shapes could be drawn with given areas and perimeters.
We have also looked at animals of the Rainforest and made up our own animals which have adapted their features to suit the Rainforest Environment.
You have worked very hard this week-well done Year 4!

Year 1’s Week 


We have been thinking about how and why people help each other in Year 1 this week and have been making an extra special effort to look out for eachother. We painted pictures for our R.E. display of times when we have helped other people. 

Our beans have been growing remarkably well! We were astonished at how much they had grown over the week. We have measured our bean stalks and looked closely at the plants that have popped up through the soil. 

We have also been down the Wiggly Path this week looking closely at the plants that are growing now that it is Summer and trying to identify them. We found that stinging nettles are the most common plant growing along the Wiggly Path but also found dandelions, clovers, brambles, buttercups and ivy among many others!



What a wonderful few days I have had in Year 3. Engaged, absorbed and deeply collaborative children; Miss Rega will be so proud of you!

We have deepened our understanding of time, lots of children can tell the time with a digital and analogue clock very accurately We have shared The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber, made PowerPoints and created our own paining of the Storm cat’s claw and built the harbour, boats and houses.

In RE we have learnt about the five pillars of Islam, we found out about Ramadan and the celebration of Eid al-Fitr.