A busy week in Year One


This week the children joined Year 2 for their first rehearsal in the hall of their Christmas production Gabriel’s Big Break. Their roles for the production have been sent home this week and costumes will need to be in school in a named plastic bag by next Thursday. If you would like to hire a PSFA nativity outfit, you will be able to do so in the school hall on Monday 27th November from 3.30pm. 

This week we have been reading a story called The Day Louis Got Eaten and have been inventing our own imaginary creatures for the story. In Maths this week we have been learning how to count in 10s from 0 and then from any number. We looked carefully at the patterns in the sequences of numbers and thought about what each digit means in a 2-digit number.

This week in Nursery…


We have enjoyed a space-themed week, following the children’s interest in rockets  after attending recent firework displays.

Spaceships have been planned and constructed, resources have been innovatively used as astronaut helmets and props for role play and meals have been cooked for the journey into space.

In Phonics we have created funny aliens and given them wonderful alliterative names, eg Zig Zag Zog! We have also supercharged our listening skills outdoors by disciminating sounds all around us and  ensuring we can hear a spaceship arriving! In Maths, we have been sharing food and supplies between small groups and remembering that the total number is still the same. We are also now experts in counting down from 10, ready for blast off!

Our gross and fine motor skills continue to develop through our Discover and Do activities, helping us to get ready to write. We have loved our new Superstar Challenge areas and are ready to have a go to achieve a new skill.



We have had lots of opportunities to work together in different ways this week: exploring how we see a full moon; presenting information about Stevenage; creating friendship posters and poems; searching for evidence of living things in our grounds and leaving food trails;  sharing creations made at home and reading magazines and newspapers together. Year 5 have worked all all week, especially in their Krindlekrax tasks, I’m looking forward to reading their amazing Winston steals the Crocodile stories.

Sorry no photos this week, they don’t seem to be loading!

This week in Reception…


IMG_3642IMG_3638IMG_3637In our learning, we have been thinking about different types of journeys.

Well done to everyone who has walked all, or some of the way to school, as part of the whole school ‘Park and Stride’ initiative. The children have enjoyed telling us where they parked and putting their raffle tickets in our beautifully decorated ‘Park and Stride’ pot. More raffle tickets available next week – how many do you think we have collected so far?

“Party man World” was the answer when the children were asked where they were going in D&d. They worked as a team to create their vehicle and even made seatbelts to wear. Where will it take them next time? Maybe a map might help.

Our main focus has been a very special journey – the story of the birth of Jesus. We have been practising our Nativity play with our friends from Nursery. We have been learning the songs and actions really well. The children were even singing the songs in the playground at lunchtime. Remember to practise your own lines.

Have a good rest children ready for lots more learning next week.


Year 2 Authors


Year 2 worked really hard again this week.  We have been working on redrafting and editing our writing to make it more interesting.  We helped each other by giving good feedback and sharing ideas.  Well done Year 2, you are developing into very accomplished writers.

In Maths this week Mrs B was astonished by our progress.  We were learning about doubling and halving but went on to look at other fractions too using some really fancy vocabulary such as “numerator” and “denominator”.

Our Christmas play preparations are now well underway.  We have 10 songs to learn and we are using all available moments to fill the room with song!  The parents are in for a real treat.  For weekend reading the children have taken home a copy of the script to read.

Year 6’s week


This week in Year 6 we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been simplifying, changing improper to mixed, finding fractions of amounts and finally used all our skills to solve some challenging problems. 
In English we have been looking at recounts and wrote our own recount based on the story ‘Ahmed’s secret’. We were focussing on including adverbs and adverbial phrases to connect our ideas together. 
In History we have started our group research about the changing life in WW2. We are looking particularly at air raid precautions, digging for victory, propaganda posters and women at work. 
In R E we have found out about some inspirational people such as Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King, who have been persecuted for speaking out about injustice. 
Good luck with your ‘Christmas Truce’ projects-I’m looking forward to them already! 


Our week in Year 1


This week Year 1 have been planning and writing their own stories about animals and have been trying hard to make them really interesting by adding in lots of describing words. We continued our animals learning in Science and learned about the sorts of foods different animals eat. We learned some new words – carnivore, herbivore and omnivore and had a go at grouping animals according to their diet. 

We had a lovely time at the multi-sports event at Stevenage Leisure Centre on Thursday morning. The children had the opportunity to take part in lots of different sporting activities and were a fantastic team all morning. Well done Year 1!