This week in Year 3


Continuing the Light topic, this time reflection was the focus.  Investigations using mirrors.  Writing in code; using a mirror to reverse writing, then copying it.  Putting two mirrors together to form a hinge, then looking at how the reflected objects can be changed, seven objects was the most that could be seen.  Just two of the activities to investigate.

Year 3 also took part in the Mini Olympics at the leisure centre, with other primary schools.  The children participated in many sports with enthusiasm, trying new ones  as well as  familiar ones.  They had a great deal of fun and were a credit to St Margaret’s with their excellent attitude.  I am sure we may have some budding Olympians!

A busy week in Nursery


Creating, building, joining, rhyming, segmenting, blending, counting, measuring, ordering, comparing, recording, investigating, exploring, writing, reading, listening, speaking, laughing, praying, observing, problem solving and storytelling…..all in a week! Have a fun weekend with your families. .



In RE we explored the reasons the disciples followed Jesus and the sacrifices they made, we related this to the life of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

We began creating a narrative drama with mystery and suspense, next week we will write the scripts. 

And we had more exciting science investigations, this week involving sponges and nappies!

Next Wednesday we will have our museum trip, ‘Mrs Brown moves to the New Town’ 

Please join us for morning prayers this Thursday 8:45-9:15

A busy week in Year 2


Amazing work in Year 2 once again this week.  In English we were learning how to write conversations.  We looked at how to use speech bubbles and how to write and punctuate direct speech.  We like to talk in Year 2 so this provided us with a good reason to do so! We are excited about using what we have learnt next time we write a story. In our reading we looked at how authors write conversations and at the alternatives they use for “said”.

In Maths our focus this week has been on shapes.  We have been learning the names of 2D shapes.  We described the attributes of the shapes and sorted them into  sets and sub-sets.

In Science we continued to explore paper and its properties, this week we used wax crayons and made our paper waterproof!

This week in Reception…


This week has been all about Mark Making. We have been practising our letter formation particularly ‘o’ as our new phonemes were short ‘oo’ (book), long ‘oo’ (moon) and ‘oa’ (goat). We also practiced number formation when we recorded how many cubes we counted, wrote number sentences when adding one, two and three and recorded the number sentences we found on the dice.

How many different ways can you see us Mark making in Discover and Do this week?

Recording cubes counted, creating number patterns, map making, writing a letter, counting squares in 2s, shared pictures, speech bubbles, writing our name on models…the list is endless.

Have a good rest this weekend as next week we will be watching out for bears and people eating porridge! Which Traditional tale will we be learning about?

Year 1’s Week


Year 1 have been writing instructions this week. We read a new story – Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus and listened to instructions which described how to draw the characters from the story. After following them carefully we had a go at writing our own instructions. The children made instruction books for drawing angels, rockets, teapots, Sonic the Hedgehog and a whole host of other things.

We have been learning about place value in Maths this week and have been learning how to add multiples of 10 to 2-digit numbers. We have been thinking about the igh sound in Phonics and found 5 different ways it can be made! Can you find any of your reading book this weekend Year 1? 

Our week in Year 6


Another hard-working week in Year 6! 
In English this week we have been looking at features of argument texts. We have discovered some useful phrases to use in our own balanced argument writing and looked at a variety of conjunctions to join sentences. We have also researched whether the internet is a friend or foe! 
In maths this week we have looked at ratio, converting time and solving time problems. 
In history we put ourselves in the shoes the evacuees. We role played different scenarios and then started to write a letter home telling of our experience. We also produced some wonderful skylines of London during the Blitz. 


This Week in Year Four


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe’re working hard as usual in Year Four, planning our own new episodes for Robert Swindell’s Ice Palace story, carefully choosing the tools we need in our writing toolkit! We’ve also been solving lots of problems involving area and perimeter. In RE we’ve been learning about Judaism, and we’ve begun our mountain projects by carefully sketching some different views of mountains, using our sketching skills to show light and shade. We had a lovely visit to the museum yesterday where we learned all about Claudia’s life in Roman Stevenage…….