This week in Reception…


This week has been very exciting. We went along the wiggly path to look for more signs of Autumn. We collected lots of leaves and compared them to find the longest and shortest. We also used cubes to measure the leaves. The colours on the leaves inspired us to find ways to make different shades of red, and orange and yellow. We used the conkers and leaves in our stew and soup in the mud kitchen. We wrote the recipes down if you’d like to make some too.

These Autumn colours reminded us of fire, which inspired us to build an enormous volcano in the outside area. We used fabrics to create the lava. We then used different ingredients to create a ‘real’ volcanic eruption in the garden. Miss Puccio even came to watch. Volcanoes can be dangerous so we built a ‘volcano hideout’ using the den building equipment. Read all about it in the Volcano fact book we have created! See Twitter feed for photos of the volcanoes.

As well as all that, we have also managed to learn some new phonemes ‘i’, ‘n’, ‘m’ and learn a new song in RE (We’ve got the whole world in our hands) which links with the whole school assembly theme this week – dignity.

Looking forward to seeing you at the disco!


This week in Year 3…


This week in English I have been blown away by the fantastic writing that I have seen. We have been busy putting all the grammar we have learned recently into a recount. It has taken a lot of imagination, because we were writing from a cat’s perspective, pretending that we were the cats prowling through

a dark, dark wood. We have been using paragraphs, interesting adjectives, adverbs (the we have even tried to use at the start of our sentences), first person pronouns, like I, me and my as well as past tense, powerful verbs and chronological order. In Maths we have been learning to read information in a bar chart and we have been reminding ourselves about how to collect information in a frequency table, we also played some Maths games in our lesson on Wednesday. In art this week we printed a marvelous moon using paints and foil to match our poems inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, The Moon. In RE this week we have continued learning about The Christian Family and we have really tried focus on what being part of the Christian Family really means. We made logos which symbolised what being part of the Christian family looks like and feels like. I’m sure you’ll agree they’ll look great.

Thank you for returning your parents evening forms so quickly, the times I have allocated are up in the window of Year 3 (opposite the junior climbing frame). I look forward to seeing each of you then.


Have a good weekend Year 3!



Year 6 this week


This week in Year 6 we have been focusing on our new text “War Game”. We performed role plays of an extra scene, trying to show empathy with the characters and give clues relating to WW1. We have done lots of work on accurate speech punctuation which we then used to write an extra chapter for the book. 

We ended the week watching the film, which we all thought was wonderful! 
In maths we have been recapping on multiples and finding factors and prime factors. We have also been using our written methods of multiplication to solve problems. We had some tricky sums to match using our mental skills and became detectives to find the mystery number! 
Congratulations to Finley for winning the Park and Stride poster competition. Hopefully we will see lots of you walking from the valley next Wednesday! 
Have a good weekend! 



How could we choose the best poster from such a wonderful selection? 

The message was clear from everyone in Year 5, park and stride is safe, healthy and less stress. Don’t forget to join Buster on Wednesday morning!

We are really becoming more focused and absorbed in tasks in Year 5. In maths we have been looking at perimeter and area; number sequences and mentally adding and subtracting from 4&5-digit numbers. 

In English we have looked at our fist recounts and set targets to make our next recount better, we are beginning to use commas more effectively to show parenthesis and we are really enjoying Krindlekrax.

In RE we thought about all the people God has provided to support and help us, ways to help ourselves and the role our faith can have in helping us cope with worries we might have.

The flapjacks are tasting amazing and keep your eyes out for new growth in the allotment beds.

Have a wonderful weekend, we have a special trip to St. Hilda’s church on Monday.


Dinosaurs in Year 2


In Year 2 this week we have been learning all about dinosaurs.  We are excited at the prospect of meeting Buster the Dinosaur next week at the Park and Stride Launch Event.  We started the week by designing posters for the competition.  We thought about the information that a good poster would contain.  The question words; where, when, why, who and what gave us a useful checklist to make sure our posters included all the necessary information.  Well done to all the children for some excellent eye-catching designs.

We thought about why the PARK AND STRIDE campaign is so important and the children showed a really good understanding of the issues around safety, congestion and pollution. 

We designed our own dinosaurs this week and thought about what features they would need to have if they were a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore.  We gave some really interesting and exciting names to our creations.

Year 2 have improved their study skills this week and have been learning about how to use alphabetical order and use the dictionaries.

We did lots of work outside this week searching for God’s treasure in our school grounds.  We worked in teams to create collections of items which we described using some amazing adjectives “WOW” words.  We also explored the grounds with some “shopping lists” of objects to find. Excellent observation and teamwork as usual Year 2.

Our week in Year 1


In art this week the children learned how to use colour to portray emotions. Using some of Picasso’s art as inspiration we used oil pastels to draw portraits of people in either cold or warm colours depending on how it looked as if they were feeling. In R.E. this week we have continued our learning about our world and have been thinking about the job we have been given by God to look after it. In maths we have been learning to write number sentences and add by placing the biggest number in our head and in english we role-played the story of Knuffle Bunny using sock puppets we had made before making our own Knuffle Bunny books! Finally in Phonics we have learned four new ways of making sounds we learned in Reception – ay, ie, ou and ea. 

Phew! What a busy week of learning! 



This week we had lots of opportunities to make good learning decisions, shall I work with a partner.; as part of a group? or will I benefit from self learning? Year 5 chose their level of support for maths tasks and made decisions to join additional revision groups when they needed support, they taught each other skills and made learning choices. Some excellent decisions were made this week. You really are beginning to think about taking responsibility for your own learning Year 5, keep it up.



Year 2 Poets


To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday Year 2 have been reading, writing and listening to lots of different poetry this week.  We performed “If You Should Meet a Crocodile” in Assembly on Thursday.  Well done everyone, it was really well received by all the other children.

Some of the poems we wrote were very funny and included some astonishing creatures!  Three headed, long toothed, super hairy purple monsters.  Green, fluffy, enormous, evil and low-flying birds! All met on the way to school, thank goodness when she woke up she realised it was all a dream!

In our Maths this week we have continued to work on our understanding of place value and money provided a good chance to experience this.  Well done Year 2.

In RE this week we learned about Abraham and how he trusted God.  We thought carefully about the story, about some of the difficult choices that Abraham had to make and about how God has a plan for us too.

The improved weather gave us a chance to explore the wiggly path this week and we  were amazed at all the different shades of green we could see.  We made some collections to create some colour charts and then named our favourite greens using some really powerful adjectives.