Our week in Year 1!


Welcome back Year 1 after a well deserved break. It has been lovely to hear about how you all spent your half-term enjoying yourselves in the sun. We got straight back to learning this week and started our Science learning on plants by planting a bean each. Our bean plants are being watered every day by our special helpers and we have set up a few experimental beans, one of which is shut away in my cupboard not getting any light! We are all eagerly waiting to see who’s shoot will emerge through the soil first. 
We began our R.E learning about miracles is week and learned about Jesus calming the storm. We got in to role as disciples and interviewers and interviewed each other about our experience out on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus that day.
We have been real resilient rhinos with our maths this week using the hundred squares to add and take-away multiples of 10. Very well done year 1 for all your hard work! 

This week in Year 6


A four day week did not stop the busyness of Year 6!

In RE this week we found out about other faiths – Judaism and Islam. We found out about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Zakat.

We continued with our maths projects and the children found out what their entrance price would be based on the attractions and facilities that they have in their park. They then worked out their monthly profits.

We spent time in music practising our song words for our play and then worked in small groups to come up with actions. We also managed to squeeze in some rehearsals – don’t forget, no scripts allowed from Monday!

We started our Year Books this week – reminiscing and thinking about our upcoming trip to Kingswood!

We will have a meeting with Year 5 and 6 on Tuesday afternoon about trip to Kingswood. We will go through routines and general reminders. There will be a chance for the children to ask any questions. Only 5 more sleeps to go!

Have a lovely weekend!

Our week in Nursery


We have been enjoying the lovely warm weather and learning outdoors all week. The recent combination of rain and sun have enabled our vegetables to grow quickly and we have been applying our measuring skills to discover which plants are the tallest and shortest.

As we come to the end of a busy half term, we have been revising our phonic skills: rhyming; alliteration and blending and segmenting. We are developing our knowledge of which sounds (phonemes) various letters of the alphabet make (graphemes) and applying them to create our own short words. We are also enjoying practising letters using the precursive script  and are getting used to starting each letter on the line.

Signs of new life are in abundance in our garden area and we have used this growth to practise maths skills and provide inspiration for some observational drawing. We particularly enjoyed having parents stay for our Busy Fingers Open Session this morning featuring  a variety of maths activities, which developed and strengthened our fine motor skills at the same time!

Have a wonderful half term Nursery and stay safe in the sun!


Our week in Year 1


This week the Year 1 children have read a traditional tale from China about a dragon that saves a town from a dinosaur. We write did some super descriptive writing about other fierce animals that might be able to save the town and read some other traditional tales from other countries. 
In maths we have been learning about the relationship between adding and taking away and used our double number facts today to add near doubles. 
We learned about Jesus’ mother Mary in R.E. With Mrs Conn this week as it is May and made a huge rosary together as a class which we used to help us pray to her.
Have a lovely half-term Year 1! 

Working Together in Year 2


This has been a super busy half term in Year 2.  Well done children you have worked really hard and have made excellent progress.   I hope you have a really wonderful break next week.

This week we worked in our teams.  We worked on some diary writing.  We imagined that we were in London in 1666 and wrote about what we saw, heard, smelt and felt during the Great Fire.  Everybody participated and valued each person and their  contribution.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather this week, working outside was a real treat. Please remember to have a hat in school everyday to help protect you from the sun.

Year 2 produced some amazing, imaginative and detailed descriptions following a walk down the wiggly path. We used really exciting adjectives and the stories of our adventures were very exciting!

In maths we thought about different ways of presenting information in graphs and charts.  I was really impressed with the super bar charts produced independently this week.  We improved our ability to work systematically.  Someone found 117 different sums with a total of 40!



Plenty to hear and see along the path this week.

We investigated the bees busy around their nest – a bat box – and found out they are male Tree Bumblebees, they have no sting so we were able to observe them without fear. Some children were really fortunate, whilst watching the drone swarm they saw the female. These are important pollinators and we were lucky to get such a good look at them in action.


The coal tit have fledged their nest.

The blue tits have hatched and can be heard in their box.

We refilled our water stations, left mashed banana and apple pieces in various places, and were surprised how quickly it was eaten; we also spotted lots of  moth and butterfly eggs and signs of new life.