Year 1 


The children wrote their own ‘Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus’ stories this week, trying to include exclamations and questions. We shared our stories with our friends in Year 2 who were very impressed with our writing! 

We learned about Lent and made Lenten promises to give up something we really enjoy. We have been thinking about the trigraphs ear and air in Phonics this week did some phoneme spotting to find lots of different ways of making these sounds. You did a really great job Year 1!

Have a lovely half- term everyone and a well deserved rest! 

This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four I have enjoyed reading some brilliant writing about Ivan’s latest adventure on his way to rescue his brother from the evil Starjik. We have also been thinking about properties of shape by learning about symmetry and angles. In RE, we have been preparing for the start of Lent after half term by writing prayers, and thinking about small sacrifices we can make in order to make things better for everyone. We have also been working hard to make printing plates for our own mountain prints- I look forward to seeing the finished pieces up on the wall! Happy Half Term everyone! Have a lovely week and see you back in school a week on Monday!

This week in Nursery


We have had a lovely week writing, drawing and retelling  upon a time stories and repeating and creating  patterns with colours and shapes. Our superstar challenge was to find the letter sound that our hames began with and then to find other objects in our learning environment that began with that sound. We have become really good at this over the week and Mrs Hurley even ran out of superstar stickers and had to get some more!

Thank you to everyone who was able to stay for our maths-focus Busy Fingers session this morning. The children are so proud to show others what they have been learning and it was fantastic to see so many of you.

Have a wonderful half term, full of fun and laughter!

Our week in Year 6


A last push before half term! 
In Maths this week we have been looking at using efficient operations for word problems and applying this to lots of different types of reasoning questions. 

In English we have looked at persuasive texts. We constructed balanced arguments for whether the Internet is a friend or foe. We have also taken part in mini debates within our group where we discussed topics such as school uniform, footballers earnings and whether the school should be closed for snow! Everybody played their part and argued their points extremely well. 

In RE we looked at how Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of his death enabled us to become closer to God and the ways in which we can offer ourselves up to God. 

We have also looked at Internet Safety. We focused on how we can create a safer Internet by respecting each other whilst playing and chatting online. Our personal experiences were a great help when thinking about how different scenarios make us feel and what we can do if we feel unhappy about comments or actions. 
Have a great half term!