This week in Nursery


Following our RE theme this half term of God’s Wonderful World, we have enjoyed investigating the changing season of Autumn and preparing for winter.

After collecting a variety of natural treasures from our walk down the Wiggly Path, we explored texture and colour and researched how to take care of those creatures who go to sleep for the winter, or hibernate. Armed with this knowledge and resources, we chopped fruit and made some bird feeders and also planned and constructed our very own Hedgehog House within our outdoor area. Now, we just need to wait and see if we have a little visitor snuggle down in there for the winter!

We also enjoyed two special highlights this week: firstly, being invited to attend our very first

Harvest Mass with the rest of the school. We really enjoyed the beautiful singing and seeing lots of our siblings and friends in older classes. Secondly, a huge thank you to our wonderful parents and grandparents who joined us for Busy Fingers on Friday. We had fun showing you some of the activities we enjoy  each morning as we are strengthening our fine motor skills and in this way are getting ready to write!



We started our week with a special visit to St. Hilda’s Church where we sang this hymn in the presence of the relic – a very special morning.

The whole week has involved a mix of collaboration, individual learning opportunities and sharing completed tasks. I wish I had recorded the amazing ‘I love to boogie’ dances!


I am looking forward to sharing lots of positive learning with you at parents night next week.

This week in Reception…


A wonderful end to the week with lots of visitors to our Busy fingers open session. Twisting nuts and bolts, threading autumn leaves, manipulating elastic bands, mark making, matching objects to quantities, as well as, plenty of counting, measuring and mark making – no wonder it is called BUSY fingers!

We have also managed to fit in learning about ‘Park and Stride’ by tallying how people get to school. We joined in the wonderful harvest mass singing the songs we had been practising in class. Our new phonemes are m, d, g, o…how many words can you build now?

Enjoy your weekend Reception. We have another busy week of learning ahead…we will be thinking about Diwali.

Our week in Year 1


We have read a new story called The Cloudspotter in Year 1 this week. The children collaborated with a partner to create a story map of the story, practising how to take it in turns to share their ideas and make their story map together. We have continued our Picasso learning and learned that one day Picasso decided to change the way he painted people, rather than painting them the way they looked…and then had a go ourselves! We have also learned some new ways of making some sounds we already know in Phonics this week – wh,ph, aw and ue. Well done Year 1!

Year 6 this week 


This week in Year 6 we have started looking at author Phillip Pullman and his text ‘Northern Lights’. We enjoyed creating our own daemon using Lyra’s as our inspiration. I wonder what happens next…In Maths we have been finding missing angles and estimating our answers when adding and subtracting large numbers-we have definitely found this a useful technique for finding silly mistakes! 

We enjoyed our trip to St Hilda’s to find out about Our Lady of Guadalupe. We have also been researching St Thérèse of Liseux and how she spread God’s Kingdom. 

Our WW2 theme continued and this week we read ‘Little Ships’ to find out about the events of Dunkirk and started to create some exciting PowerPoints. 

Well done to all those people who completed the Park and Stride! 


This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four we have been working hard learning how to use a written  method of subtraction. Well done Year Four-your perseverance is starting to pay off! We have also been practising writing dialogue between different characters in quest stories, thinking about how we can show a character’s qualities through they way in which they move and speak. In RE we have been learning about Moses and the first Passover. I really enjoyed reading your interviews with Moses! In History this week we have continued learning about the Romans, using mosaics to learn more about Roman life. In Science we have been continuing our learning about teeth by writing and answering our own questions, as well as classifying different types of teeth.

Well done Year Four – what a great week! See you on Monday!

Our week in Nursery


Another great week listening, talking, measuring, counting, noticing, having a go, persevering and learning to be independent!

Our Autumn walk on Monday enabled us to explore a new area of school – Our Wiggly Path – listening to a huge variety of outdoor sounds and collecting lots of wonderful objects to use back in class. We have been learning about colour, texture and change over time through our seasons as we investigated the leaves, pine cones, conkers, seasonal fruits and their seeds.

We also used these objects in maths to sort, classify, measure, compare and count…matching numerals to quantity.

Reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff together resulted in a problem solving exercise during Discover and Do: how to build a bridge! We developed team skills and were incredibly resourceful in researching and testing different ways that a bridge could be built, before creating one that went OVER water.

In Phonics, we have been developing our listening skills to differentiate sounds, a key rereading skill, both outdoors and in the classroom. In Friday’s Show and Tell we talked about a variety of wonderful items brought in from home, all beginning with the phoneme ‘t’. It’s helping us to listen carefully to the sounds at the start of words and was terrific!!

Year One’s Week 


We have been down the Wiggly Path again today using our five senses to explore. We have been learning all about our five senses this week performing simple tests to investigate and find the answer to a puzzle Ms. Coleman set us on Monday. We will put all of the information we have gathered and recorded together on Monday to solve the puzzle of the missing teddy bear! 

The children brought in their favourite cuddly toys on Tuesday to inspire our very own lost toy stories based on the Knuffle Bunny story we have been reading. The children made their very own books and wrote stories about toys left in parks, restaurants, cafes and libraries. We also had some skilful portraits painted of our toys in Discover and Do time and enjoyed role-playing different adventures our toys might have together. 

This Week in Year Four


imageimageimageimageimageThis week we have been busy writing the final drafts of our ‘Hero Wanted’ Poster, as well as beginning to learn about speech punctuation. We have also been practising finding the difference between three digit numbers. In RE we learned about how God sometimes  works through others to realise His plan for us. In History we learned about the Roman Army.