What a great week, we completed graphic novels of Kensuke’s life and shared the dramatic and powerful last part of the book. We celebrated more improvement in handwriting and presentation and three people received friendship awards. We learnt about a Walk that changed the world and how peaceful protest can change rules, lives, and hearts and minds. We also had an amazing morning building dens. 




Well done Year 4, I can tell you will settle quickly into Year 5 next term. You all know just what to do on day one, where to sit, where your locker is and what to bring with you. You created beautiful covers for your RE book and it was lovely to see you all busy and focused. Have a wonderful final week in Year 4!


Year One’s Week 


Thank you to everyone who came to cheer us on on Wednesday morning at Sports Day. We had beautiful weather and really enjoyed all the different events. We have been learning about 3D shapes this week and have been on a shape hunt around the school, looking for 3D shapes in our school environment. We have continued our R.E. learning about miracles and heard the stories of Jairus’ daughter and the curing of the blind man. 

This week in Reception…


WOW! What a week. Reception you have been amazing and really have shown LOVE in ACTION!

Our Love in Action theme was Solidarity and Peace; we like a challenge in Reception, so first we decided to find out what each word means. We thought about how we are all made in the image of God and created some self portraits using mirrors before we talked about our family backgrounds. Our definition of solidarity is being part of God’s world family and all being responsible for that community.

Two donkeys arguing over their food helped us to understand more about Peace and when that peace is ‘broken’. We decided that to help maintain peace we need to say sorry AND to forgive. Year Three came to share with us their experiences of Reconciliation and how they make up with their friends. Love in Action was also evident in the team work and sharing that was seen at the Open morning on Friday.

This week we also squeezed in our very hot and sunny class trip to Knebworth house and  welcomed some new members of the school community to our Reception classroom – some Nursery and preschool pupils who will be joining Reception in September, as well as, six ducklings.

Rest up everyone, as we have Sports Day next week;  remember to look for a top or t-shirt in your house colour to wear on Wednesday.