Stomposaurus story day


Reception had a wonderful visit to Knebworth house to see Stomposaurus and all his friends.

Dressed for the unsettled weather, the children met Stomposaurus and his friends, then explored the grounds looking for dinosaur clues. This involved meeting two challenges – getting through the maze and crossing the river rapids – both of which Reception managed with great success. It was then on to Dinoland to find out more information for our stories. A quick snack followed by writing and drawing our stories. A busy morning!

Lunch by the fort was followed by climbing, jumping and exploring the fort and Knebworth grounds. The zip wire was a particular hit!

Lots of wet feet and enormous, happy smiles back onto the coach for our journey back. Well done Reception you were amazing!

This week in Year 6


Our end of year play has been our focus this week – we’ve started to really think about the acting needed to explain the story.

The children finished their fantastic York projects,which included animations and hyperlinks.

They begun the next part of their theme park work – profit and loss accounts. A lot of preparation work was completed before they could work out their daily profits or losses. Great absorption and perseverance Year 6!

We spent the morning at the museum finding out what life was like for an evacuee.

The week ended with our wonderful Pilgrimage to York! Well done all of you,you were great ambassadors of the school! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! More photos to follow from York!


Maps and plans in Year Two


Treasure maps in Year Two gave us the opportunity to apply our knowledge of grids and maps. We have been learning to find things and place things using co-ordinates. We used compass points to show direction. We looked  at how symbols are used on maps and designed symbols of our own. We used this knowledge to create our own holiday island maps. What fantastic destinations they would be.!

This Week in Year Four


imageimageimageimageWell done Year Four, you’ve made a great start on designing and cutting out patterns for your wallets and purses this week! We’ve also continued exploring some Muslim traditions. As well as multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100, and writing arguments against cutting down the rainforest, we’ve been classifying instruments into different groups. I like your ideas Year Four -great noticing!


This Week in Year 3


In R.E this week we have been learning about what it means to be a good Christian. We looked at the story of St. Paul on the Road to Damascus and how through this, he was called to change and become a good Christian- we did some fantastic role play pretending to be reporters from the Damascus Times, interviewing Paul after his baptism. In Maths this week we have been brushing up on our problem solving skills, reading all the information carefully, and learning to check our answer using inverse. We have had a wonderful week in English, writing an adventure story. I was so proud of the amount of concentration and motivation the whole class have had towards their writing- the stories are sure to be brilliant!

Well done for a good week Year 3!

This week in Nursery…


We have enjoyed a wonderful week exploring what lives under the sea. In Maths, we have been comparing sizes of various sea creatures, counting legs, fins and teeth and adding together the total number of fish that we have caught. In Phonics, we have been segmenting and blending all the names of the new sea creatures we have been learning about this week,  fishing for the initial letter in our names and writing letters using our strong fine motor skills.

We have also been busy creating an underwater role play, complete with mermaids, underground caves and sunken treasure. Some of us have started to create treasure maps to find the location of the treasure and others have designed and made costumes to wear.

Finally, a very curious thing happened : after the children left today, I found a note curled up inside a bottle that had been washed up on our sand. I will read it to everyone in class next week….